Saturday, March 10, 2012


Given a choice between a serious Oscar-worthy drama and a mindless comedy, I'll generally choose the comedy. I've seen enough dark and depressing fare to last a lifetime. After catching the trailer for the Paul Rudd/Jennifer Aniston vehicle Wanderlust, I thought it might just do the trick.

Rudd, especially, is known for his comic chops and has appeared in a number of funny movies in the last couple of years: 40 year-old Virgin, Role Models, I Love You, Man, etc. Aniston has comic cred as well--although her film roles haven't quite lived up to her Friends pedigree.

Wanderlust is fitfully funny--lampooning both the lifestyle of the urban yuppie as well as the neo-hippie. The latter undergoes a skewering that is over the top with the commune-dwelling residents of Elysium are portrayed as free love-living, yoga practicing, organic farming, vegan nudists.

Along with Rudd, whose gorgeous complexion never seems to age, and Aniston, who manages to look stylish even wearing an array of ponchos, peasant blouses and Ugg boots, the film features Justin Theroux, Malin Ackerman, Lauren Ambrose, Linda Lavin and Alan Alda. (Did Alda recently get a new agent? He's really popping up a lot these days: Tower Heist, The Big C and now Wanderlust.)

Wanderlust has its moments of funniness--but it's fairly uneven. There are cringe-worthy (especially if you're not a 17 year-old male--or are female in general...) moments as well. If your taste runs towards the vulgar and ridiculous, catch a matinee showing of Wanderlust. Otherwise, wait until it hits Netflix.

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