Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pushing Daisies Season Two on DVD Today!

Sadly, even Ned's magic finger could not save the Emmy-winning Pushing Daisies from--well, pushing daisies. Fortunately fans of the pie maker (aka the dreamy Lee Pace) can take solace in the fact that the complete second season is available on DVD and Blu-ray today.

The last episode of the show aired a month ago doing its best to wrap up as many plot lines as possible. I guess we won't get to see George Hamilton as Ned's wayward father, but for the most part the fairy tale ended on a fairly happily ever after note.

The 4-disc DVD/Blu-ray includes all 13 episodes as well as some tasty "extra helpings":

  • "The Master Pie Maker" goes inside the mind of creator Bryan Fuller
  • "From Oven to Table" examines what it takes to bring the imaginative scripts into reality
  • "Secret Spoon Ingredients" highlights the musical contributions of composer Jim Dooley
  • "Add a Little Magic" focuses on the amazing special and visual effects
I'm sure Bryan Fuller will be back with yet another clever, cute and quirky series, but until then fans of Fuller and his whimsical oeuvre will have to satisfy themselves with watching and re-watching the abbreviated season one (shortened due to the writers strike) and season two (shortened due to series cancellation) on DVD or Blu-ray.


  1. Glad Season 2 is coming out on DVD, definitely buying it. Finally will get to see the ending ABC didn't air when it should have.

    Great show, very unique, I wish it would've gone on longer. Cancelled way too soon.

  2. ABC has been airing the final episodes of its canceled series (Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies and Dirty Sexy Money) at 10 pm on Saturdays. Pushing Daisies wrapped up pretty well given the circumstances, but Eli Stone's finale was a bit off.

    Sad, isn't it that the idiots running the network give us crap like The Bachelorette and Wipe Out! and cancel original, quality shows?

    Ah well--Pushing Daisies joins the ranks of Cupid (the original), My So-Called Life and Studio 60 (I can't be the only person who liked that show!) as series that died an untimely death...