Monday, August 10, 2009

She's Baaaack (cont'd)!

After the whirlwind visit from Laurie and Dennis, it was basically work, work and more work. The revamped website for was launched around the 28th and puts a more visible link to the blog. I haven't been doing as much blogging there either--but a lot of my time is spent managing content, the other bloggers, editing, formatting, etc. I think the blog looks great and I'm really proud of it.

On Friday, we had a company party to celebrate the relaunch. To match the website's new red and white color scheme, we had red velvet mini cupcakes with white buttercream icing, ginger and pomegranate martinis, red and white flowers, etc. It was a pretty impressive party. I left before the wildness kicked in. I'm sure I'll hear stories next week...

Saturday, my friend John had a birthday party. Actually, he called it a "I'm Glad to Be Here" party since he recently pulled through a major health scare. It was great to see him and hang out with him and his awesome girlfriend, Cindy. I had a good time, but got home and into bed way too late. I'm too old for all this excitement!

Now I'm getting ready to head to San Jose tomorrow evening for a three day conference for work. I'll get to see David and Crystal Wednesday night--so I'm looking forward to that. I get back home Thursday night and I'm working from home on Friday to recover.

See--this is why I haven't had time for blogging!

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  1. it was so nice to see you! I'm so glad you could come and meet the rest of the family :)