Friday, July 27, 2007

My Date with the Doctor

Yeah--unfortunately not THAT kind of date. I haven't had that kind of date in ages. Although one of the guys who hangs out at the Budget Rent-a-Truck to pick up day work (I walk past there on the way to the gym) told me I have a "mean stroll" (I think that's like Tyra's "fierce") and asked if he could take me out sometime. I lied and said I had a boyfriend. I'm not being mean--it's not like I don't appreciate the compliment. But I think having standards about not dating random itinerant guys is wise.

Anyway, back to the doctor's appointment. I really like my endocrinologist. She's from India and she speaks with that musical accent. She's pretty old school when it comes to treatment but she's not arrogant. She appreciates that I'm a smart and well-informed patient.

But she moved her office from Inglewood (about 20 minutes drive) to Torrance (over 45 minutes) and it's sheer hell to go there. And her front desk person has no business dealing with the public. Last time I went in April, she said she couldn't take my co-pay via credit card. But I've always paid my co-pay via credit card. It's because the machines weren't working yet. Um, hello? You moved to this office in FEBRUARY and the credit card machines aren't up now in APRIL? Then my doctor told me later that it was that the front desk person hadn't learned how to use them yet.

So I'm thinking after another three months, they must be fully functioning--right? Wrong. Front desk person said she couldn't take a credit card and she wouldn't even check if I had an outstanding balance on my account. "You can call the billing office later," she says to me. "How 'bout YOU call the billing office right now for me?" I counter.

Now what is up with no credit card machines? I pretty much charge EVERYTHING. It's way easier than writing a check or even carrying cash. Mark my words, in a decade or so cash transactions will be almost as obsolete as what e-mail has done to snail mail. Your job will direct deposit "money" into your bank account, you'll pay all your bills electronically. So basically we'll never have to deal with rolling pennies, pitching dimes or dog-eared dollar bills again. And speaking of dog-eared dollar bills, I saw this story on the news the other day about a dog who scarfed down hundreds of dollars out of his owner's mother's purse. They had to--uh, wait for it to "pass", clean it up and tape it together to get a replacement from the bank. They're still missing a couple hundred dollars. See? Once we stop dealing with physical money, Fido's cash cravings will no longer be a problem!

Where was I? Oh, talking about my doctor's appointment. So after I had my little hissy fit with the pain-in-the-ass at the front desk, they put me in an examining room. Test my blood sugar--it's 107. Yay! Last time it was over 200 for some reason. Blood pressure isn't too great--130/90. But I blame the PITA at the front desk for getting me ired. And the 45+ minute commute down the 405. Ugh. hbA1c was 5.9%, down from 6.4% last time. Double yay! The only sour note was my weight. It's still 10-15 lbs. more than I'm happy with. Boo!

Still have to get my microalbumin tested--and my cholesterol. And an update on my thyroid levels. But all in all a pretty good appointment.

Then I spent over an hour sitting in traffic on the 405 to get home. Ugh!

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