Monday, July 30, 2007

Writing Blog Roll - part one

If you love writing--especially screenwriting--you might want to mosey on over to some pro writer blogs and check out these insightful articles:

John August addresses the issue of parallel development and the TV spec script in a post titled She was Mistaken. He then follows up his train of the thought with philosophical musings on Silent Evidence.

For those of you not so much into philosophy, Julie posts a scathingly funny scenario of obscenity and the MPAA in Little Miss #!#&*!#shine at Things They Won't Tell You in Film School .

For more hilarity on the subject of obscenity, check out Ken Levine's post Protecting Our Kuntry from Obscenity.

Over at the Artful Writer, Craig Mazin deals with the nuts and bolts of the upcoming WGA contract negotiations in his usual concise and coherent manner in his post
The WGA vs. the Studios. For those of you wondering how and how much writers get paid, he's got a great post on The Economics of Screenwriting as well.

And if all the wads of money that a pro writer can earn isn't enough to motivate you to get back to work, check out Bill Martell's post titled Write Now!

Happy reading AND writing!

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