Thursday, July 26, 2007

Word of the Day - Typeractive

From the Urban Dictionary - a dictionary of slang terms, typeractive is defined as: "someone who is overly talkative on e-mails or text messages."

What is up with text messaging anyway? How did this become a form of communication? You see all these kids sitting next to each other TEXTING each other instead of talking. WTF?!!!

Brittany: WU? (What's up?)

Tiffany: NMH. U? (Not much here. What's up with you?)

Brittany: Wait 4 B/F. (Waiting for my boyfriend.)

Tiffany: WOMBAT (Waste of money, brains and time...)

Brittany: LOL! YCMU. (Laugh out loud! You crack me up!)

Tiffany: GG. TTYL. (Gotta go. Talk to you later.)

Brittany: OK. (Okay.)

After years of video gaming and mouse clicking, humans will eventually evolve into creatures with giant heads, bulging eyes, an atrophied body except for two giant THUMBS! I don't get how they can even do the texting thing so quickly. I get hung up trying to type in the corresponding name with the number when I add a contact to my cellphone.

But then again, no-one's ever accused me of being "typeractive"....

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