Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shopping in Reverse

Today was a pretty good day. Why can mostly be summed up in two words--"price adjustments." For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, some retailers will allow you up to two weeks to get a partial refund on an item you bought, should the price go down from the time you bought said item. Gap is notorious for sliding prices--especially when they're clearing merchandise out during a sale.

I went there today to return an item and noticed another item that was on the same receipt was selling at a lower price. When I returned my item, they also credited me another $2.02 plus tax for the item I was keeping since the price had decreased. Sweet!

The only problem was--I had bought a sundress on another shopping jaunt and its price had decreased by $10!!! I didn't have that receipt with me and wasn't even sure if it was still within the two week timeframe (when that happens, I usually buy the item again at the lower price and then return it with the old/higher priced receipt. For me, shopping is not a pasttime or a hobby--it's a blood sport!).

So I went back home and searched through my receipts. And searched and searched. Finally I dug through empty Gap bags until I located the missing receipt. It was dated 7/1/07. Current date: 7/15/07. Two weeks to the day! Yay!

So now I'm back in my car, driving to the nearest Gap. When I present my receipt for my $10.02 plus tax price adjustment, the other item on the receipt has also gone down in price giving me a total of $14.11 credited to my Gap card.

I swear if this keeps up , Gap will be paying ME to take their clothes off their hands.

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