Friday, August 3, 2007

Apparently I'm "IT"

My friend Mariama just tagged me on MySpace challenging me to:

"write a blog with ten weird, random things, little known facts or habits about yourself. At the end choose at least 5 people to be tagged, list their names and why you picked them. Don't forget to leave a comment that says 'you've been tagged' and tell them to read your latest blog."
Only 10? Okay--here it goes:

1. Stella Louise is my full and legal name--first and last, no middle name. But it isn't the name I was born with--I had it legally changed.

2. I could not live without peanut butter. Jif Creamy. On bananas. For breakfast. Every freaking day.

3. Like Mariama I don't get Kubrick either. I think perhaps he's a director's director.

4. I once had my CARRY-ON luggage lost by Delta Airlines. I swear it's the truth! I got it back the next day, though...

5. I had emergency surgery for an imaginary hernia. At least the doctors (THREE of them!) thought it was a hernia. It turned out not to be. That was a relief, but I still have a scar.

6. I went three different colleges (enrolled and then transferred TWICE) and still graduated in four years with a 3.76 average.

7. I have moved over 20 times in my life. I've lived in 9 different states (GA, NJ, MD, NY, PA, WV, MA, VA, CA) and the District of Columbia. I was born in Georgia but don't have a southern accent--because both my parents are native NYers and I was only there the first 10 months of my life.

8. I have worked for at least 18 different employers--not counting temp jobs. I've never been fired, although I've been "laid off" twice--which technically is the same as being fired...I've never collected unemployment--I've either found a new job (I have great job karma!) or gotten temp work.

9. I hate karaoke because I can actually sing. (At one point in time it was wanted I wanted to be when I grew up. I consider it one of my few natural talents along with storytelling and being really, really smart.) I can't whistle to save my life, though..

10. Speaking of smart, I'm probably one of the smartest people you'll ever meet. If not that, I'm definitely a smart-ass that you'd never want to meet! I qualify for Mensa (actually my IQ score is 99th percentile and Mensa takes you if you're in at least the 98th percentile. Slackers...), but I can't stand puns so I don't hang out with those guys.

So for my five people I choose:


Because they have blogs and/or MySpace pages and always have interesting things to share.

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  1. ok.. I did this. I filled it out and did the questions OY>>
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