Saturday, August 11, 2007

Heroes Returns!!!

Well, hallelujah! After weeks of god-awful summer TV, finally something good to watch. It's the beginning of the weekend, but I'm already looking forward to Monday. OK, technically it's not the RETURN of Heroes but a RE-RUN of Heroes. Drop the "T" and there you have it...But even a Heroes re-run is better than Wife Swap or America's Got Talent or whatever drivel they've been throwing at us lately. And it just so happens they're re-running a show I haven't seen before. Sweet!

I blame my friend Peter (not Petrelli) for getting me into the show. I was initially turned off by the promos--it looked way too cheesy for my tastes. But he was always raving about it at work and so I caught a marathon of episodes one night last fall. And that did it. I was hooked! We'll have to wait until Fall to find out if Sylar really did die (the actor's signed to the new Star Trek movie, so I'm guessing "yes"), if Nathan survived Peter exploding in his arms (and if Peter absorbed Nathan's ability to fly, why couldn't he fly himself out of range of human devastation?) and where the heck Hiro teleported himself.

I guess part of the appeal of the series is the idea of "superpowers." Super human strength, the ability to fly, time travel, invisibility, etc. The whole "wouldn't it be cool if...?" factor. It's hard to say which superpower I would pick--if I could choose only one... Peter Petrelli (Milo Ventimiglia) doesn't have to choose one--he's got the ability to absorb any other power he comes in contact with--and he doesn't even have to eat the person's brain (ala Sylar, played with evil menace by Zachary Quinto).

I've always liked the idea of flying like Nathan Petrelli (Adrian Pasdar), but invisibility or shape-shifting would be a cool trick as well. I do have some weird superpowers of my own--such as:

1. Instant Credibility Aura - For some reason, I just have to say something and people generally believe me. Especially if it's a claim about a skill or talent. For example, I once told a friend that at one point I had wanted to pursue singing as a career. Later, she asked me to sing at her wedding. Without ever having heard me sing a note! Now, I could have been one of those American Idol wannabes whose talent is completely in their head, but she trusted that when I said I had wanted to be a professional singer that I was good enough to sing at her wedding. And lucky for her I was.

2. Great Job Karma - I'm pretty lucky when it comes to finding jobs if I need to. Having Instant Credibility Aura helps, no doubt. Career karma is another story altogether but I've never been jobless for long, never collected unemployment and I've always paid my bills on time.

3. Making up the Truth - I sometimes talk out of my @$$. I don't do it all that often--it would screw with my Instant Credibility Aura. But when I do it, I then double-check my facts and find what I thought I was making up, was in fact true. It's sort of like I'm channeling the facts...

That's the extent of my "superpowers"--although sometimes I feel invisible (but not in a good way) and my flying is limited to my dreams.

What "superpowers" do you have and which ability do you wish you had?

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