Saturday, August 16, 2008

Favorite Words

Stealing from Inspired by Elisabeth, I came up with a list of twenty-six (one for each letter of the alphabet) words that I like. It was actually quite difficult as there as some letters where it was hard to come up with one word ("X" for example) and others where I could come up with several dozen ("P" for profligate, prodigious, promulgate, promiscuous, etc.). This is not an absolute list, but it is a collection of words that I either use a lot (U), like the way it sounds (S) or like the meaning or linguistic background (M).

1. Acquiescence (S)
2. Brilliant (U, S)
3. Coherent (U, M)
4. Dazzle (S)
5. Extravagant (M - This word comes from the Latin "extra" meaning beyond plus "vagari" which is the same root for the word vagrant meaning "to wander." Cool, huh? I also dig the words "extraordinary," "eloquent" and "evocative.")
6. Facetious (S, M)
7. Giggle (S)
8. Hyperbole (S)
9. Impeccable (S, M)
10. Jubilant (S)
11. Kinetic (S, M)
12. Lascivious (S)
13. Mellifluous (S, M)
14. Nuance (S, M, U)
15. Obsequious (S, M)
16. Prognostication (S)
17. Quixotic (S)
18. Rhythm (S, M)
19. Superfluous (S)
20. Tenacious (S, M)
21. Ubiquitous (S)
22. Vindication (M, U)
23. Wherewithal (M)
24. I'd be lying if I said "Xylophone" was a favorite word. Elisabeth skipped "K," so I guess I can skip "X."
25. Y'all (M, U - It seems to me that Southerners have a pretty good solution to the fact that English, unlike many other languages, lacks a way to refer to "you" plural. Pittsburgh's "y'ins" or New York/New Jersey "Youse" doesn't have quite the same mellifluous warmth to it.)
26. Zaftig (S)

What are some of your favorite words?

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