Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I am not a cell phone person

I think I've made it pretty clear how I feel about morons and their attachment to their cell phones, but wouldn't you know that today, again in yoga class, I was stupefied by the arrogant self-absorption of yet another cell phone junkie. This time it was before class. I had arrived early to arrange my mat and chill out before class. It was just me and Jessa the instructor when some chick, chatting on her cell phone, strolls in and sits herself down.

She wasn't planning to take the yoga class that started in another ten minutes or so--she was merely looking for a quiet place to have her oh-so-very-important phone conversation. Problem was, as soon as she entered the classroom yak-yak-yakking away, the room was no longer quiet and peaceful.

I walked up to Jessa as she stood at the stereo system. "What kind of music do you have for us today?" I queried. "Oh, same as last night's class," she replied shrugging. "That's cool," I said. "I think you should put it on and blast it right about now." Jessa tried to stifle a smirk. "You know," she smiled, "I was thinking the very same thing." She turned on the music--just a bit louder than necessary.

The cell phone wench immediately leaves.

"That was effective!" I said laughing. Jessa looks after the figure walking out the door. "That was obnoxious," she sighed.

Maybe the cell phone wench should invest in a personal cell phone booth.

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