Saturday, September 15, 2007


This is my 100th post! Ta-dah! I can't believe that I have posted 100 times to my fairly new blog. I guess a combination of dedication and obsession works wonders, eh? OK, not all 100 posts are "carved from blocks of genius" as a humorous Brit once said to me. But I try to be informative or entertaining. Sometimes even both at the same time. It's not easy thinking of things to amuse y'all every single day!

Speaking of which, if on occasion you are amused or enlightened--maybe you'll let me know by posting a comment. Sometimes I wonder if anyone actually reads my blog--or do they (like four of my visitors so far today) just come for Earl? It's like "Bueller? Bueller?" (Sound of crickets chirping...)

Alrighty then--on to the next 100!


  1. Happy 100th, sis!

    Now you know what it looks like when I am being a slacker and reading from work.

  2. Hey there slacker bro! Thanks for the comment! Now get back to work! ;)