Friday, September 14, 2007

Earlwatch 2007

The Earl onslaught continues. Today four visitors from the UK, two from the Czech Republic, one from Turkey, Canada and Finland. London England and London, Kentucky both boast fans of My Name is Earl. All total, 12 visitors to check out Jason Lee's grinning mug.

I finally figured out why. It's the way Google works. Pages which receive more clicks get ranked higher. So when you do a Google image search on my name is earl (no quotes) and the .jpg from my blog comes up in the results, each time someone clicks on that link it moves it up higher in the result listing. Which in turn makes it faster and easier for the next searcher to find. A couple of days ago, the link to my blog came up on the first page of results. Now it's result number eight. Second row, right smack in the middle.


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