Thursday, September 27, 2007

DWTS Update...

(For Hollie and anyone else who is interested...)

As I predicted, model Josie Maran was indeed the first "star" to get voted off the island--er, I mean show... She and billionaire Mark Cuban were in the bottom two last night (although I don't know if it was the OVERALL bottom two or if since they initially kept the men and women separate, that the voting was separated, too...) Note to Mr. Cuban: Stop gloating about selling your company for $5.7 billion dollars. This will not win you any fans or votes!

Although he gave by far the worst performance of the two nights, Wayne Newton managed to rake in the Jerry Springer give-a-geezer-a-break sympathy vote and stay in the running for another round. It was astonishing how awful he was--this is a guy who has been a Vegas showman for 40 years...Anyway, he'll hang on far longer than he should. Poor Cheryl Burke, the professional dancer unlucky enough to be paired with Wayne. Oh well--she's had two wins. I guess the producers felt it was her turn to get the lamest partner this time around.

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