Thursday, September 20, 2007


I love shopping. Strike that--I love BARGAIN shopping! It's like a sport for me. Nothing makes me happier than to score an awesome deal on some designer duds that most people shell out big bucks for. Yesterday I did so TWICE--and now let me indulge in a little cyber gloating...

I have been looking for knee high black boots to replace my current pair of knee high black boots. They're Sam & Libby--faux suede, stiletto heel, pointy toe. Very sexy. I got them at Ross a couple years ago for $17! YES!!! They're killer. I mean that both literally and figuratively. They look fabulous but they actually kill my feet. One time I wore them, not intending to do much walking ('cuz these boots ain't meant for walking!), but I ended up getting lost and so was hobbling around in my killer boots for far too long. When I got home, my feet and calves were all bruised and mottled looking. Not good. Yup, unless I can be escorted around on a lectica carried by some hot buff guys, these boots are staying in the closet.

Fortunately lightning strikes twice in Ross often for me. I've found Miss Sixty and Earl jeans, great blouses by Tessuto and Urchin and even a Guess leather jacket. Tuesday was no different. I found a great pair of Steve Madden black knee high leather boots. The heels were high enough to be dressy, but low enough to walk in without injuring myself. Unfortunately, although I usually wear size 8, I could not get my foot into the boot. They pull on so no zippers, and I couldn't get my foot past the bend at the ankle.

Drats--thwarted! So I wandered around the shoe section trying to see if I could find a pair of 8 1/2 miscategorized somewhere (this happens a lot at Ross--it's always worth a shot looking in other sizes to see if yours is there!). I didn't come across any 8 1/2s, but I found another pair of 8s. These I could slide my foot past the ankle--but as it turns out, my foot was smack up against the toe box. 8 1/2s were the size for me.

As I searched for my size, I saw a pair of knee high brown western-styled boots by Nine West. These were horribly cute and even though I don't really need another pair of brown boots, I couldn't resist trying them on. They fit! I looked at the price--retail price $159, Ross price $19.99! What a deal! How could I pass them up?

So I continued walking around, Nine West boots in hand (another bargain shopping tip--if you find a deal, hold onto it. You can always decide not to buy it, but if you put it down and someone else snags it you're SOL!). In another part of the shoe section, I saw another pair of the Steve Madden boots. Looked at the sole--voila! 8 1/2! Tried them on--fit perfectly! Retail price $159, Ross price $19.99! So I got two pairs of knee high designer label leather boots for $40 total! How cool is that?

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