Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Keywords - Update

After loading a post full of popular search terms, guess how many hits I got on that entry? Zero. Well, actually I got a couple--but none for "naked Angelina Jolie" or "panty-less Britney." The hits were for "how to pronounce freegan" (um, just like it's spelled--"free" +"gan." It's like vegan, but with an "fre" instead of a "v"...) and "Manda Bala."

I forgot to include the one thing on my blog that gets the most hits. It's this .jpg of Jason Lee as "Earl" from My Name is Earl.

Seriously, I've had six visitors just today checking out my blog after doing a Google image search. People from France, the UK, Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia. And that's just from the visits so far today. I've also had past visits from Italy and Istanbul, Brazil and Manila. A couple dozen in total. I guess a lot people love My Name is Earl.

I've also figured out what the show was doing filming in filming in my neighborhood at The Village recording studio. Apparently, the cast has recorded a "Free Earl" song and video. It's sort of a "We are the World" parody. Should be amusing...

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