Sunday, February 3, 2008

Cautiously Optimistic

There's all sorts of buzz about the imminent end of the WGA Strike. While no announcement has been made (the talks are still under the heading of "informal" and there's been a news blackout since they restarted a little over a week ago...), even sources as credible as the Washington Post are reporting that significant headway has been made towards a new contract. Craig Mazin hinted on his blog that something would break today or Monday and even Nikki Finke has roused herself from her deathbed (just kidding!) to report on the possibility that a deal is nearly done.

United Hollywood--a blog comprised of strike captains and other WGA members, cautions about celebrating too early, but in my opinion this is even more cause to celebrate than if the New York Giants decimate the way too full of themselves Patriots today in the SuperBowl.

Let's keep our fingers crossed!

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