Monday, February 18, 2008

My Converse Kick Collection

Confession time: I am the Imelda Marcos of sneakers. It used to be plain white Keds or the Payless knock-offs, which I wore and wore out every day during the summer months. My sister used to take plain white sneaker and paint them with Maurice Sendak inspired illustrations. Me, I liked them unembellished. Even going so far as to throw them in the washer with bleach to keep them looking nice and clean...

But now I have a serious thing for Converse All-Stars. I currently own half a dozen pairs. I have every intention of buying more. The first ones I got are olive suede with the stars on the side (far left), the most recent acquisition are camouflage (far right)--for when I want to sneak up on people. (Sneak up, camo sneakers--get it?) My retro black kicks are my favorite pair as of now. The pair next to them is made of a tweed material--how cool is that? I actually bought a shirt to match the brown hightops. Most people buy shoes to match their outfits--I buy clothes to go with my shoes.

I missed out on an American flag pair--wrong size. And I have an eye out for a pair in my favorite color: red. At most places, a pair of Converse sneakers cost $40 or more but being the hardcore bargain shopper that I am, I get mine for under $20.

Carrie Bradshaw can have her Manolos--I'll stick with my Converse kicks!

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