Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Might See Movies

After an Oscar contender induced bloat of movies followed by the New Year dregs (Jumper? Definitely, Maybe NOT!!!), we're finally seeing some worthwhile contenders for our box office dollars. Here are the possibilities I have on my list:

1. Charlie Bartlett - Opens this weekend and features Robert Downey Jr. and Hope Davis. The trailer looked interesting. I'll probably see it next week.

2. Be Kind Rewind - Michel Gondry's The Science of Sleep looked too weird for my tastes, but this time around he's got Jack Black and a really cute premise. Whether or not it can sustain a 2 hour movie remains to be seen. Also opening this weekend.

3. The Other Boleyn Girl - It looks like they've taken substantial liberties with Philippa Gregory's novel, but since she took major liberties with actual historical facts it's probably a wash. I'll go to see it for the gorgeous costumes. Coming February 29th.

4. Semi Pro - I've mixed feelings about this latest opportunity for Will Ferrell to run around half-naked. I loved Blades of Glory, but loathed Anchorman. Let's hope it's more of the former and less of the latter...

5. Penelope - If this "modern day fairytale" gets great reviews, I might check it out. It looks a bit odd but maybe that's a good thing. Opens February 29th.

6. City of Men - This isn't a "might see," it's a definite "must see." From the producers of City of God--which was one of the best movies I've ever seen. If City of Men is half as good as City of God, it will be twice as good as any other movie out there. Also February 29th

7. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day - Well, the sell should be the Oscar-caliber Amy Adams and Frances McDormand, but I'll go see it to drool over cutie patootie Lee Pace. March 7th.

8. Horton Hears a Who! - I know, after the unmitigated disasters that were The Cat in the Hat (Mike Myers) and How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey), you would think Hollywood would hesitate before desecrating yet another Dr. Seuss classic. And this one stars BOTH Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell making one wonder how much overtime they had to pay the set crew after the stars' extensive scenery chewing?

But I've seen the trailer and I'm very hopeful they got it right this time. First off, it's animated ala Ice Age so no creepy makeup effects or overacting since both Carrey and Carrell are merely providing character VOICES. Whew! That's a relief. Seriously, it looks very cute. Coming March 14th.

9. 21 - Based on the true story of six MIT students trained in the art of card counting. Starring Kevin Spacey (It's been a while, Kev! Whatcha been up to?) which means it could be L.A. Confidential or (shudder!) K-Pax.

10. Stop Loss - From the director of Boys Don't Cry this opens March 28th. The trailer looks great and I'd watch anything that features Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

11. Leatherheads - George Clooney and John Krasinski. Need I say more? Opens April 4th.

12. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - I've seen the first three installments of the franchise, but this one features a much older and creakier Harrison Ford. If the reviews are good, I'll go check it out. Opens May 23rd.

13. You Don't Mess with Zohan - Adam Sandler starring in a script he co-wrote with Judd Apatow which is directed by Richie Brockelman--I mean Dennis Dugan! It could be really funny...Fingers crossed!

14. The Happening - I'm probably one of the few people who has actually seen and liked all of M. Night Shyamalan's post-The Sixth Sense offerings. With the exception of The Village. Yes, I really dug Unbreakable and was even charmed by Lady in the Water. Love him or hate him you have to give him credit for following his own unique vision. I think he'd do a bit better with a co-writer--especially on dialogue. And if he limited his film acting to small cameos and not supporting roles. Opens June 13th.

15. Get Smart - The casting of Steve Carrell in the role made famous by Don Adams was brilliant. The casting of Anne Hathaway as Agent 99--dubious. I hope it's great. Will wait for the reviews. June 20th.

16. Hancock - Will Smith plays a less than squeaky clean superhero. You've got to hand it to Smith--he really knows how to pick a project! The trailer looked hysterical--it opens July 4th.


  1. have to say that while I dithered over the spiderwick chronicles versus jumper and went to see jumper-- it was a great thrill ride of a movie. perfectly set up for a sequel, of course they don't mention that samuel jackson with WHITE hair (bleached white) is in it or a certain former oscar nominee for the last couple years (no spoiler here).
    but Christensen was good. Rachel Bilson was pretty credible-- but the fx really propelled the plot- not just became the plot.
    it's a fun movie.

  2. I'm really interested in The Other Boleyn Girl, Penelope, Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, and Get Smart. I liked Be Kind Rewind.

    Also, I am totally watching Baby Mama the day it comes out. It might be awful, but I don't care.

  3. Sorry to break this to you, but Penelope has been kept on the shelf by the studio for TWO years--never a good sign. Rolling Stone rated it 1.5 stars, only .5 stars more than it gave the "unholy mess" of Jumper. So things aren't looking good for Penelope.

    I saw the Baby Mama trailer today. It could have its moments--Tina Fey looked winsome. I'm hoping Get Smart turns out to be good. I adore Steve Carrell!