Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thom Fleming Skincare

I'm a sucker for skin care stuff, so when I got the opportunity to check out Thom Fleming Skin Care, I was all over it. Currently the line consists of three decadent body scrubs--which contain fruits, natural oils, Dead Sea salts, vitamins and minerals. The scrubs come in Lemon Soufflé, Mochanilla and (the one I got to test drive!) Rainbow Sorbet Body Scrub.

The Rainbow Sorbet is accurately named because you actually get four scrubs in one--apple, raspberry, peach and lemon layered in colorful stripes. I've tried many different body scrubs and Thom Fleming's are fairly unique in a number of ways:

1. It comes in a tube--how brilliant is THAT?!!! Most of the scrubs I've used are packaged in big ol' jars or tubs. A squeeze tube makes it that much easier to get the product out and only use the amount you need.

2. It doesn't separate. I always have to dig into the jar and mix the salt or sugar back up with the oil before I can use it to exfoliate in the shower. It's messy and bothersome--not to mention just a bit unsanitary. The formula of the Thom Fleming scrubs is such that the Dead Sea salts don't separate from the natural oils. So there's no digging in to mix it back up. Did I mention that you can just squeeze it out of a tube?

3. The gentle lather. With most scrubs, I end up using a bodywash first, and then exfoliating with the scrub after. The Rainbow Sorbet Body Scrub worked up into a gentle lather, eliminating that extra step.

4. Not feeling like an oil slick afterwards. I love how soft and moisturized my skin is after using a scrub, but I never did like the residue of oil that remained on my skin. The Thom Fleming scrub left my skin soft without feeling greasy. Just clean and fresh!
The Thom Fleming Skin Care motto is: "When you can't get away...escape." And with these luscious body scrubs it certainly is like a mini spa getaway right in your own shower!

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  1. This is the BEST stuff. Smells yummy. now if they would just come out with a food line ..