Friday, July 11, 2008

Chiller Dare 2 Direct 2008

Do you love horror flicks? Aspire to be the next Hitchcock, Craven or Romero? Then dig up those old Halloween costumes, get the digital camera rolling and let the fake blood spew! Chiller TV has just announced Dare 2 Direct 2 for all of you zombie loving vampire slayers out there. According to Chiller TV's Dan Harrison:

"It was the most popular contest of its kind among all of the NBC Universal Entertainment websites. This year, we're looking forward to what our incredibly talented viewers come up with. We wanted to give our enthusiastic audience plenty of notice to get their blood - er, creative juices - flowing."
The Dare 2 Direct Contest challenges fans to get creative and compete for great prizes and a chance to be featured on Chiller's Dare 2 Direct Film Festival as they write, produce, and submit short horror films. Shorts will be judged in multiple categories by a celebrity judge. Viewers vote online to select finalists in each category and a top figure in entertainment will select final winners. The films will be available for viewing and voting online beginning in late summer. On Halloween night, finalists and winners will be announced and featured in Chiller's 2008 Dare to Direct Film Festival at 10 pm (ET).

Complete rules, prizes and categories can be found at

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