Wednesday, July 30, 2008

This post is gonna suck...

I had planned to do my almost monthly examination of keyword hits and misses. Did the research and everything yesterday, but since I had just posted a long-winded blog on books vs. movies, I thought I'd wait until today.

It's gonna have to wait until tomorrow.

This was my today: wake up, oh around 7ish. Maybe it was closer to 7:30ish. Usual morning routine. Get ready to go to the gym. Put baseball cap on head to protect my face from the sun as I head out the door. Check out self in mirror. Bad move. Is this side of my hair longer than that side? This necessitates about 30 more minutes in the bathroom snipping to get the sides of my head even. I know I said I wasn't going to do it anymore.

Sue me.

Then my cell phone rang. A recruiter who e-mailed me yesterday and then I called her back and now she's returning my call. She has an opening for a technical copywriter. Hmm--I'm not really a technical copywriter...Well, it's not really a technical copywriting position. They just need someone technical enough to be dangerous. Oh well--that does sound like me! She asks me to e-mail her the latest version of my resume.

Back to the bathroom to continue hacking at my hair. At this point, I may as well just pull a Britney and shave it off. At least it would all be even. I think I may have an OCD. Too bad I'm not into repetitive hand washing. I'd have cleaner hands. And longer hair.

At this point it's 10:46 am. I head to the gym. Do my workout and head back home. It's after 1 pm. Stop at OSH on the way home. Yesterday my landlord calls and leaves a message. My car is leaking fluids (it's fifteen years old for cripes sake!) and over the course of time (and because I hardly ever drive it) has left this goopy stain on the concrete. According to the landlord, his insurers won't renew his liability policy until it's removed and either I clean up or he'll hire someone to do it and charge me for it. I decide to do it myself. I buy a hose and nozzle at OSH for $10.

I get home. It's 2 pm. I gather up cleaning supplies: a scrub brush, baking soda, Pine-Sol, bleach and Ajax. I'm ready to roll. I move my car, hook up the hose and start to spray. About a half hour of scrubbing and spraying and the goop is gone. I call the landlord and tell him it's clean. I take a shower. It's harder get the goop off me than it was to get off the concrete.

It's 3:30 pm. My friend has sent me her resume to revise. It needs a lot of work. I get to work. Two hours later and I have a decent draft.

It's dinnertime. I don't feel like cooking. I walk to Vons and get a roast beef sandwich. On the way there, I try to cross the street but it's rush hour and a stupid MetroRapid bus--which is twice the size of a normal bus!!!--is blocking the intersection. Just before the light turns red, these behemoths always pull into the intersection. I see cars pull that @#$% all the time. It means I have to weave around them to get to the other sidewalk. But with a MetroRapid bus, there is no weaving. They block the ENTIRE intersection. Fucking morons.

I hate them...

Get back and eat dinner @ 6 pm. It's late. I'm tired. Will post long post tomorrow.


  1. That was a great post! And it is a huge bus. How was the roast beef sandwich? We don't have Vons on the East Coast.

  2. It IS a big bus!!! And they never fail to block an intersection during rush hour!

    The sandwich was good. I'm pretty sure that an east coast Vons is called "Safeway." ;)