Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Peace of Mind with Disquieting Designs

disquieting (adj.): causing anxiety or uneasiness; disturbing.

How strange that a company creating a bath and body line to enhance appearance, smooth skin and soothe the soul would choose an appellation that's paradoxically at odds with its products purpose? But then again disquieting designs is an offbeat combination of rocker chic meets Greenpeace in philosophy and sensibilities. Dedicated to PETA-certified cruelty free products that are not only kind to animals, but to human users as well, with quality ingredients and a "chemicals are bad for you!" mentality.

I had the opportunity to check out the Hawaiian Luau salt scrub which blends the scent of plumeria, coconut and bananas with salt, sea salt, dendritic salt, soybean oil and sunflower oil. This isn't a goopy, gooey scrub. The oils are infused in the salt so you just need to scoop the crystals out of the jar and massage into damp skin. No oil slick on the shower floor--or on your body! Just smooth, soft and delicately scented skin...The scrubs also come in Chocolate Brownie sugar scrub, Pink Lemonade sugar scrub and Plum and Pomegranate salt scrub to name just a few.

I also got to check out some of the perfume spray fragrances. Alcohol-free, these fragrances are prepared using a base of cyclomethicone--so instead of drying out skin, they soften it! And they're vegan friendly! I sampled:

- a classic light floral with a bit of a bite...

Lotus - a white floral with musky overtones (perfect for turning yoga class into an aromatherapy session!)

Ylang Ylang - Trippy, heady, incense-fused with a note of jasmine

Lick Me All Over - an exotic and seductive rich fruit aroma

The perfume sprays also come in Sex for Two, a unisex green/citrus scent with a mild musk base and First Date, a blended fragrance with fruity top notes, herbal base notes and green bottom notes. Sounds a lot more invigorating than most first dates I've been on!

The line also includes talc-free all natural eye shadows, lip products, hand-made soaps and candles. And everything is on sale now so check it out! disquieting designs focuses on yummy smells and yummy feeling products, believes in fair trade and fair prices, was established by native Pittsburgher (GO STEELERS!) Megan Rae Brame and caters to rock stars, riot grrls, and anyone who wants to have a party with their makeup.

Rock on.

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