Sunday, July 27, 2008

Overheard Today at Wilshire and Ocean

A guy and girl standing at the stoplight. The girl is babbling...

Girl: Oh yeah, I love Buffy...watched every episode! And Firefly...

Seems like maybe they're on their first date...exchanging basic likes and dislikes?

Guy: That didn't last long...

Girl: So what--did you play a vampire or something?

Aha! He's an actor and so to impress her he told he had a gig on Buffy...

Guy: No. I was a worm.

Doh! Not quite impressive...

Girl: (laughing) A worm?!!!

Should have told her about your extra gig as "guy in crowd" for Law and Order...

Guy: Well, I was a bad boyfriend and then I got turned into a worm. And then I got turned back. And then Spike stabbed me.

Season 7, episode 2 - Beneath You: A giant worm-like creature begins stalking a young girl. As the gang begin to investigate, they realize its appearance in Sunnydale may be linked to Anya.

Girl: I don't remember that one! Do you have a copy? You have to send it to me!

Hmm--I'd like to see that, too...

Guy: Yeah, sure.

Light turns green.


  1. Haha. Enjoyed that. Although if I played a dead body on CSI I wouldn't shut up about it.

  2. I tell you--it's tough being an actor! I can't imagine what would be worse: having "Cop #3" on your resume or "Worm-demon."

  3. All I have to say is that she's clearly not really as big of a Buffy fan as she claims if she doesn't remember the episode. I mean, I can't picture the guy or anything but I remember everything that happened in that episode perfectly.

    I can see why you'd use it to impress a Buffy fan. But, yeah, anyone else probably wouldn't be overly impressed by it.

  4. I haven't seen many episodes of Buffy--but I'm sure I would have remember one about a worm! It would have sounded more impressive if he'd said "worm-demon" instead of just "I played a worm"--doncha think?