Monday, July 14, 2008

Ugly Betty - Looks Like the Decision Has Been Made...

When we last left the intrepid Betty Suarez she was about to head off for parts unknown. But with whom? Dweeby heartthrob Henry? Or Italian hottie Gio? Both Rae and I thought the answer was "neither" and it looks like we may be right.

A Reuters/Hollywood Reporter article reports that Christopher Gorham, aka sweet geeky Henry Grubstick, is leaving Ugly Betty for a role on CBS' Harper's Island. In addition, Freddy Rodriguez (Deli owner Gio Rossi) is possibly only scheduled for one more episode next season.

But Betty won't be lonely for long--the article states that Val Emmich has recently been cast as Jesse, a new love interest for our plucky heroine. OK now--first there was Walter, then Henry and then Gio and now Jesse? So much for being allegedly "ugly"--our girl Betty sure gets around!

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