Friday, July 25, 2008

Song of the Day - Oblivious

If you asked me my favorite movie, I'd probably rattle off ten--and then another dozen or so after that. It would be hard to limit other favorites as well, but although my iTunes library has well over one thousand songs, there's one of which I never, ever grow tired. That would be Oblivious by Aztec Camera.

I stumbled across the band in a used record store in Morgantown, WV. Rifling through the vinyl albums (Ah yes, kiddies--remember vinyl? Of course you don't!), I came across this oddly named 80s band and thought, "Aztec Camera? What a strange name! I must buy this album." I was into bands with weird names back then--the weirder the better. Aztec Camera, Spandau Ballet, Scritti Politti, Haircut 100, Hoodoo Gurus. Turns out the album, High Land, Hard Rain was an awesome collection of poppy, punky new wave tunes. I love the entire album, but this track is my all-time favorite.


From the mountain tops
down to the sunny street,
a different drum is playing a different kind of beat.
It's like a mystery that never ends.
I see you crying
and I want to kill your friends.

I hear your footsteps in the street,
it won't be long before we meet,
it's obvious.
Just count me in and count me out
and I'll be waiting for the shout.

Met Mo and she's okay,
said no-one really changed,
got different badges,
but they wear them just the same.
But down by the ballroom
I recognized
that flaming fountain
in those kindered caring eyes.


I hope it haunts me 'til I'm hopeless,
I hope it hits you when you go,
And sometimes on the edge of sleeping,
it rises up to let me know
it's not so deep,
I'm not so slow.


They're calling all the shots,
they'll call and say they phoned,
They'll call us lonely
when were really just alone.
And like a funny film,
it's kinda cute
They've bought the bullets
and there's no-one left to shoot.

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