Sunday, January 25, 2009

...and the Envelope, please!

I did pretty well with my guesses:

Best Actor in a Leading Role - Sean Penn
Best Actress - (old guard) Meryl Streep
Supporting Actor - Heath Ledger getting the posthumous nod
Supporting Actress - Kate Winslet (I guessed this one wrong!)
Ensemble Cast - I was happy to get this one wrong--whoohoo Slumdog Millionaire!
Best Actor/Actress in a Mini-series - Missed both these predictions with Laura Linney and Paul Giamatti winning for their performances in John Adams.
TV Drama Series Actor - Hugh Laurie as I predicted...
TV Drama Series Actress - I got this one wrong. Did Sally Fields do her "You like me, you really like me?" routine?
Male Actor in a Comedy Series - Yup, Alec Baldwin.
Female Actor in a Comedy Series - Tina Fey as I predicted...
Best Drama Series Ensemble - Mad Men
Best Comedy Series Ensemble - 30 Rock

Well, I was eight for thirteen. It will be interesting to see if the SAG nods pan out at the Oscars with Streep winning Best Actress, Penn Best Actor, Winslet Best Supporting Actress and Ledger Best Supporting Actor.

Kind of takes the suspense out of it, huh?


  1. I saw the Reader last night and really liked Kate Winslet's performance. I had some issues with the film, especially the big plot point but I think she's still going to win Best Actress. I'm rooting for her or Melissa Leo. I haven't seen Frozen River yet but I like rooting for underdogs.

  2. I'm rooting for Melissa Leo all through awards season. Big fan ever since Homicide. And I love rooting for underdogs and indies.

    Very conflicted about the Original Screenplay category, though: would love to see WALL-E recognized, but the others, including Frozen River and In Bruges, are so good, too.