Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Top Ten Keywords

In the eighteen months since I began this blog, I've been amused and amazed at some of the searches that have landed here. The most consistent keywords over this time period have been:

1. GAP Rewards

2. August Rush soundtrack

3. King of California soundtrack

4. Best of Craigslist

5. Stella Louise (Nice to know I'm in the top ten!!!)

6. Stella Louise Facebook

7. Biotherm Rides Repair

8. GAP Rewards points (They really should hire me to blog for them...)

9. Well Above Average

10. Hollie Nell blog (Whoohoo Hollie--you made the top ten!)

"Mark Cuban shirtless" inexplicably is number twelve on the list. Poor "Tom Bergeron shirtless" isn't even close at number 36. But both guys beat out "Mika Brzezinski nude"--which lands at 39.


  1. Fascinating about the August Rush soundtrack. Loved the movie. My son's first language is music. While August is much more articulate than my guy, I loved how the opening of the movie took us into his world. I looked up filmmaker Kirsten Sheridan and found she's made several films about autism, which was no surprise. Have you or your friend whose kids have autism seen any of them?

  2. I have not seen any of Ms. Sheridan's work. I enjoyed the soundtrack, especially Jonathan Rhys-Meyers doing his take on Van Morrison's Moondance.

  3. Yeah, the Moondance scene is great. It's them falling in love.