Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Fall Guy

Although this script could use some work, I think the opening works brilliantly. It opens with action, sets up the story to follow and pretty much clues the audience in to what the movie is about in just a little over two pages:


A YOUNG COUPLE, late 20s, exits a club. ALLEN, unassuming
CPA type, and KATEY, attractive in a smart way. Music and
laughter seep out into the night.

There is an awkwardness between them. He attempts an upbeat
air, wondering if he should reach for her hand. Her arms
pull her wrap tightly around her shoulders indicating this
is not a good idea.

So, what did you think? Pretty hip
and happening place, huh?

She nods her head without enthusiasm.

How 'bout next time we hit the
Paradise Lounge?

She stops, standing in front of an alley. He stops and walks
back to her. She takes a deep breath.

Look, Allen--you're a really nice
guy, but--

A DARK FIGURE leaps out from the alley. Dressed in black,
from ski mask pulled over the face to the canvas high top
sneakers, he strikes a menacing pose.

Katey gives a little scream. Allen moves protectively towards her.

Give me your money and no-one gets

Katey cowers next to Allen. She holds out her purse.

Allen steps in front of her and stands tall.

Listen asshole--if you want my money,
you're gonna have to take it from me!

The mugger moves forward and throws a punch.

Allen neatly deflects it. He throws a series of quick
jabs--solar plexus, face and then a solid jab to the chest
that lays the mugger flat out on the ground.

Allen turns to check on a stunned Katey.

Are you okay?

Katey nods in a daze. Allen puts his arm around her and
leads her past the incapacitated mugger. They turn the corner
and walk into a parking lot.

Allen presses the autolock button on his key ring and unlocks
his waiting red Audi. He opens the door for Katey and helps
her into the car. As he goes to shut the door, he notices
his bare wrist.

Damn, my watch must have slipped off
while I was beating up that mugger.
(to Katey)
You wait here--keep the doors locked.
I'll be right back.

You can't go back there--forget about
the watch! I'll buy you a new one.

No, I have to get it. It was a
graduation gift from my grandfather.
It's...sentimental value.

Please--be careful!
Allen nods his head grimly and shuts her door. He presses
the autolock and strides back to the alley.

BOBBY has removed the ski mask removed revealing an unruly
mop of dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. He is sitting
up, stretching his neck with a hand on his chin.

A SHADOW falls across his face. He looks up and sees Allen
looming in the alley opening.

Allen reaches into his coat, pulls out his wallet and takes
out a hundred dollar bill. He hands it to Bobby.

Thanks, man!

Bobby takes the bill and gives him a salute.

Allen puts his wallet back into his coat and pulls out his
watch. He fastens it onto his wrist and, giddy, almost skips
back to his car.

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