Wednesday, January 28, 2009

LOST: Where are the JUGHEADS?

It's amazing how this series brings people together. From bloggers like me and my buddy Rae who watch it and then dissect and discuss it online, to the myriad of sites dedicated to trying to unraveling its many mysteries, LOST has created scores of obsessed fans.

Like me. And George, who I met last night at a Happy Hour mixer. George sends out a weekly missive to fans of LOST and I was lucky enough to be added to his mailing list. So in anticipation of tonight's episode, I share George's latest musings on our favorite show:

"Hello LOSTies,

"God help us all". And with that LOST kicked off Season 5. Both Pierre and Ms. Hawking repeated that phrase when it came to the time-traveling properties. And Dan has now spelled out the rules of time travel, as well. Can't change the past, can't change the future. When Ms. Hawking met with Desmond back in season 3, she actually told him the same can't change things that are supposed to happen.

Ben has now got his plan in place and has 70 hours to get the O6+Locke back on the island. Ms. Hawking's pendulum makes it seem that she knows exactly when the island is going to "leap" into their time period.

Speaking of leaping, we lept 3 times:
1) Between 2002-2004 before the crash, when Yemi's drug plane crashes on to the island. This is where Daniel speaks to Desmond, causing Desmond's "memory"
2) After 815 crashed where Richard takes Ethan's bullet out of Locke and gives Locke the compass he gave him when he was little.
3) Before 815 crashed when the "firethrowers" killed several LOSTies, including Neil.

So here's your O6 tracker:
Jack - Already working with Ben to get the O6 together.
Kate - Hiding out in LA
Aaron - With Kate
Sun - At a hotel in LA cozying up to Kate & Aaron
Sayid - At the hospital with Jack.
Hurley - Being arrested by the police to avoid Ben's invitation to go back.
Locke - In a van being kept at Jill's butcher shop.

Now on tonight, the search of Daniel's mother begins as this season's Desmond episode is upon us. Desmond's episodes have been this series best including "Flashes Before Your Eyes" and "The Constant". This episode will rank up there...get ready for JUGHEAD.

There is more than the mom search happening to! This episode moves quickly between Desmond and the island. And so many twist and turns, I might have to do a special edition of the newsletter tomorrow to explain everything (the last time I did that was Season 2 when I emailed everyone the picture of the DHARMA map).

I won't give up too much but make sure you have your drool cups because one mother (or father) of a revelation will be coming tonight! Ille te lego hac volo verto vos bene irrisorie.

You will know what "Jughead" means in this episode...and no Archie doesn't appear out of nowhere...and Charlotte's condition is studied a bit more.

Man, you couldn't just stay away, could you?? Between your LOST coma of your thoughts of Charles Widmore vs. Ben Linus and your moments of love still being able to blossom on the island...i think you will love tonight's episode.

See you in another life, brotha...maybe even another time..."

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