Saturday, January 10, 2009

Effortless Grace

Sarah Kaufman wrote a wonderful article for the Washington Post about the absolute perfection of physical expression of actor Cary Grant.

"Grant's dark beauty, cultured diction and gift for comedy are unmistakable. But what I find most fascinating about him -- and I believe it's the reason he is as watchable now as he was all those decades ago -- is his physical grace, an effortlessness that borders on the surreal.

It's always there, in every role, in the way he walks, the way he slips a hand into his pocket, the way he stands, with his shoulders melting just a bit toward the co-star his character is invariably secretly in love with."

It's a really well-written piece. Read it and rent North by Northwest to see what she's talking about. You won't be disappointed!


  1. Cary Grant - my favorite all time actor lost a tooth in his mouth as a child. His trademark smile is caused by the way his teeth grew together as an adult. Effortless grace indeed.

  2. And "To Catch a Thief" shows it well, too. A lot of it is his early training as an acrobat and vaudevillian, but the rest is natural talent.

  3. Colleen,

    You're absolutely right about To Catch a Thief. Another one of my favorites!