Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Clearing Out the Keywords

This is the time of the month where I take a look at the search terms that brought people to my blog. If the search led to a dead-end, I try to rectify that by providing the answer to whatever was being searched for.

I like to be helpful that way.

This time I have no additional assistance to provide. Although some of you really, really, REALLY need help.

I strongly suggest you get some.

1/16 of ounce crippie
hollywood fl crippie hook up (Like pot dealers advertise on the internet...)
she was shackled slave
tujunga steel pit assholes
was jerry rice a whiner
what does the anti-aging do for my superpoke pet? (Um, keep them from growing older?)
classic funny movie scenes spreading ashes from urn and blowing back in face
geena davis singing a song about santa accidental tourist
geena davis thelma and louise panty shots

deep dental cleaning bullshit?
dentist felon
elly and bob having sex (If you mean Elle and Bob having sex aka the characters on Heroes, they played father and daughter so Ew, ew, EW!!!)
fashion tips mens thong (Fashion tip re: men's thongs = DON'T!)
freddie highmore circumsized
free alyssa milano embrace of the vampire full length in its entirety
gay cosmetics spend average
mother-daughter kosher spa retreats (Talk about niche marketing!)
grocery store christmas song
hooked on speedman pina colada

how to deal with a difficult gay boss?
how to gap rewards work?
how to get over an office crush
how to use gap reward points
can children take 40 mgm a day of pycnogenol

indian porn actors
soren fulton shirtless (That's a new one!)
nude dudes cleaning
nude dudes cleaning

length of an average kiss
average amount a boutique makes
average first time screenwriter advance
average housewives in panties
average keep
average kid cell phone
average soap opera career
average time it takes to read 100 pages

pictures of above average men (See "nude dudes cleaning")

above average boutique
above average in french
above average looking is that not good (Word.)
above average quotes

We know nothing of "average" or even "above average" here.

Only that which is WELL ABOVE AVERAGE!

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