Sunday, January 27, 2008

King of California Soundtrack

The soundtrack for the movie King of California has an interesting genesis. Two years before writer/director Mike Cahill even got funding for his offbeat father/daughter treasure hunting fable, he and composer David Robbins (brother of actor Tim Robbins) started brainstorming on the soundtrack.

Said Robbins about the experience:

"I rarely get the chance to work with a director this early on in the movie making process, and with as much musical savvy as Mike, and let me tell you, it was a treat."
This just goes to show how integral the music is to the telling of tale of Charlie and Miranda. Robbins incorporates ukulele, banjo, accordion, musical saw and whistling to create a unique sound. In addition to the variety of instrumentation, there is a diversity of styles among the 19 tracks. Some of the pieces hearken back to the wild, wild west with a twangy cowboy feel while other are infused with a mariachi beat. Robbins collaborated with Jolie Hollard who wrote the lyrics and sings the song Flood of Dreams. Other than the spicy Malambo No. 1 performed by Yma Sumac and the mournful Zari Ritual Lamentation performed by the Lileh Choir of Dmanisi, the soundtrack is all original music by David Robbins.

According to writer/director Mike Cahill:
"Dave and I were working on this thing long before there was even the possibility of being able to record it, or to shoot the images that the music would accompany. My happiest memories of King of California are these: two guys without jobs talking about the music they love, and would love to make."

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