Wednesday, January 30, 2008


It's back! It's back! Well, almost anyway...But in advance of the eagerly anticipated return of LOST, ABC is re-airing last season's final episode which was the Best. Season. Finale. EVER!!! My favorite TV moment of 2007 was Hurley's dramatic entrance with the van. That actually might be my most favorite TV moment ever. I actually stood up and cheered...

What new surprises will this season hold? More information about the mysterious Jacob? Will the Losties join forces with their arch enemies the Others in order to fend off the other Others? Who will leave the island? Who will return to the island? Will Michael and Walt be back? And how about Libby, who figures in the backstories of both Hurley and Desmond--will we be seeing her again this season? And most importantly, who will get killed off this season?

Does Daniel Dae Kim's fairly recent DUI portend the imminent demise of his character Jin? Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse cited the fact the Charlie's character arc was complete as the justification for Dominic Monagham's dramatic departure. I hope that WAS the reason and not catering to all the Hobbit haters. I never had an issue with Charlie. Although I was mighty relieved when Paulo and Nikki were--in inimitable LOST fashion--"voted off" the island.

If the completion of the character arc is indeed the reason for killing off characters, then it would seem that Sawyer's time is just about up. After all, he accomplished his life long goal to kill the con man responsible for his father and mother's deaths. Before you go--"No, not Sawyer! He's way too hot!" keep in mind the writers killed off Boone early on in the series. I still mourn the loss of uber hottie Ian Somerhalder. All we know for sure is Kate and Jack don't die and do make it off the island.

As for the mysteries of the Island--the smoke monster, the Others, the Dharma initiative, time travel, healing properties, miscarriages, etc., I am content to enjoy the ride. I do think that a clue to the answers of many of the mysteries--the fact that wreckage of Flight 815 was found with no survivors, time travel, the healing properties and the pregnancy problems might be found in this Orchid Station Orientation video:

Cashmir effect? Doppelgangers? We've got 48 more episodes until all is revealed. Enjoy!


  1. How did I not know that you too are a lost fanatic? My boyfriend has been ordered out of the apartment since he can't keep quiet during this show. CANNOT wait! I think I said, "Oh My God," about 8 times during the finale...oh yeah and I screamed out loud. Hopefully the strike will end before the episodes run out!

  2. I am sooo stoked. I can only hope this season lives up to last season's finale.

  3. Rewatching the finale last night, I wondered briefly if it's Sawyer's funeral we were seeing. The first time I saw it, I thought it must have been someone Kate didn't like on the island and that's why she was all, "Why would I go?" But that really doesn't make sense because Jack would know she wouldn't go to the funeral of someone she doesn't like. So, if he thought she'd be there but if she were still denying that Sawyer means anything to her, (and it's not like Sawyer had many other people in his life) I started thinking about it being him.

    Of course, it's way too early to tell. I'm also intrigued by Jack's comment about being tired of lying and Kate clearly not being locked up. I briefly wondered if they had lied about the plane crash but Oceanic 815 gave them free flights for life so that doesn't make sense. Are they lying about what happened on the island or something else?

    Point being... I'm really looking forward to tonight!

  4. It could be Sawyer--but Lost Easter Eggs had a screen cap of the obit.

    And the name of the deceased is John Latham.

    Could be a new character that we will meet in upcoming episodes.

    Could be John Locke (Perhaps he changes his last name?)

    Could be Sawyer (Whose name isn't really Sawyer but James Ford. Maybe HE changes his name AGAIN.)

  5. Thanks for the screencap! Name aside, now I'm trying to figure out the teenage son part and which of our Losties could qualify.

    You mentioned a new character. I wonder if it might end up being one of the people involved in "rescuing" them.