Thursday, January 3, 2008

Two more movies I have no interest in seeing...

Liz Kelly's latest Celebritology post reminded me of two more movies I have no interest in seeing:

8. The Bucket List - Jack Nicholson's career now consists of playing irascible geezers and Morgan Freeman has been relegated as the go-to for the wise, older black guy. Like Samuel L. Jackson is the go-to for the badass black guy. Add the inevitable montage of feel good skydiving scenes and tie it up with a big bow. Gaack!

9. Mad Money - Queen Latifah, Diane Keaton and Katie (uh, Kate!) Holmes in a mad-cap caper about stealing currency that is about to be taken out of circulation and destroyed by the U.S Treasury. Wait a minute? Didn't they make a movie about this already? Oh yeah, Dead Presidents. Only that wasn't a mad-cap caper. I'm sure it will be much more fun to watch Katie (um, I mean Kate...) Holmes stuffing money down her panties. Blech!


  1. I'm skipping all those movies and I might add 27 Dresses. Do you have any opinion on Be Kind Rewind? It's the one movie I'm interested in so far.

  2. I've heard good things about Be Kind Rewind. I'm a Jack Black fan, but I'm hoping it's more School of Rock and less Nacho Libre.

  3. I was considering doing a post about all the very painful things I'd rather do than sit through 'The Bucket List," but then decided it just probably wasn't even worth that much energy ... Man, does that just look awful

  4. Heehee--exactly! Although it looks to be more unremittingly banal and mind-numbingly mediocre. Which is worse than being awful!

    And this from the man who gave us The Princess Bride, Stand By Me, Ghosts of Mississippi, Spinal Tap, When Harry Met Sally, and the list goes on...