Monday, January 7, 2008

Desperate Housewives - After the devastation

Well, I was right about Tom and the kids surviving the collapse of Karen McCluskey's house. Ida did die--but not peacefully in her sleep but rather as a result of her selfless act to get the Scavos safely under the staircase while she stayed in a corner due to being unable to fit. This causes Lynette to feel guilty--especially after she finds out about the amazing past Ida had that she never knew about. Seems Ida was a pro baseball player (as in A League of Their Own) and wanted her ashes spread over her home field.

Her uncaring relatives, however, don't want to go out of their way to accommodate Ida's last wish leading Lynette to tell to them, "For what it's worth, you passed bitchy ten minutes ago..." and to transfer Ida's ashes out of the urn so she and Karen can accomplish what Ida's relatives are unwilling to do for her. They have to break into the field since they can't get permission to spread the ashes but Karen is confused as to whether Ida played third base or shortstop. Lynette says to her, "Dammit Karen, I'm running out of Ida!" while they are sprinkling Ida on the field--and then security shows up. Lynette tries to them asshe dumps Ida's ashes with Karen calling out, "Run Jane Doe, run!" but the two women are captured. Later Karen says, "Glad those cops let us off with a warning--I was this close to my third strike."

Carlos survived the storm, but is hospitalized with injuries--including bandaged eyes. Gabby tries desperately but unsuccessfully to find the information about the Cayman Island accounts, but Carlos' accountant was killed on his way home from the dropping the papers at the Solis house and his widow shredded all documents having to do with offshore accounts. Gabby tells Carlos everything will be fine--she wants to remarry him anyway. But Carlos is worried that she'll change her tune when she finds out he lost his sight.

Bree and Orson crash with Susan and Julie while they have their house repaired. At first Susan dreads having the fussy Bree in her home, but after a few home cooked meals, cleaned house and Bree even doing the laundry, she dreads the thought of Bree leaving even more. So she sabotages Bree's scheme to get her lovelorn gay contractor back on the job which involves Bree's son Andrew. "You're pimping me out for a new roof?" Andrew says accusingly. "And windows!" Bree replies. Andrew agrees to flatter, flirt and charm Walter the contractor in exchange for a new flat screen TV. Bree says she'll throw in surround sound if Walter comes in on time and under budget.

But Susan manages to make Walter think twice about Andrew--especially given the age difference--even if he would like to flaunt the young hottie. Orson in a last ditch effort to get Walter to change his mind tells him, "He's got a mesh tank top that would bring your ex to tears!" but to no avail. Bree confronts Susan who admits that she did it on purpose because she loves Bree pampering her--especially given the fact that she's pregnant and Mike's in rehab. Bree forgives Susan and even brings her chocolate chip cookies and milk.

Other than providing the contractor reference for Bree, not much Bob and Lee going on. Boo! More Tuc Watkins and Kevin Rahm, please! Lee got off a funny line when Bree found out that Walter was gay--"He builds houses AND decorates them. Sometimes God gives with both hands." And the tornado demolished their fountain. Until Marc Cherry and company come back when the strike is settled (fingers crossed!), I'll have to get my Tuc fix on One Life to Live where he is still playing the charming cad, David Vickers.

Another casualty of the storm was crazy Sylvia (who landed in the Scavo's tree)--and Katherine and Adam's marriage. Katherine kicks Adam out, but as he's packing he finds the note Aunt Lily wrote to Dylan before she died underneath the bed in the guest room. He confronts Katherine with it as he leaves saying that she told him that everything was her ex-husband's fault but know he learns that it was all HER fault. He hands her the note and tells her that as far as betrayals go, she wins. He leaves and Katherine throws the note in the fire. But Dylan witnessed the argument and fishes the note out of the fire.

We'll have quite a wait before we find out what it said. Sigh...


  1. thank u! I just saw desperate houswives here in Sweden and it was the tornado episode so I just had to know what happend next and I found your blog. Now I know! thanks again! =)

  2. You're welcome! Desperate Housewives has been pretty exciting this season--I'm really enjoying it.