Monday, January 21, 2008

Rain Delay

Still keeping my fingers crossed that the weather will hold out for my brother and his girlfriend's visit to Los Angeles. So far we had a smattering of showers this morning, but it's partly sunny right now. CBS local weather says we're getting smatterings of showers all week, but it will clear up this weekend. ABC local weather says Tuesday and Wednesday will be partly cloudy and the rain will hold off until Thursday. I'm hoping that's the forecast that pans out...

And speaking of delays, I won't be able to post a pic of my new tattoo until Wednesday.

Oh, and speaking of tattoos--while I was getting mine done yesterday, a middle-aged couple came in looking at samples of monkey tattoos. Their plan was to getting matching tats on their ass to commemorate their upcoming nuptials. The monkey in question was to correspond with the symbolic animal of the Chinese New Year.

Except that the upcoming new year is the year of the yellow rat.

Gives new meaning to the expression "I don't give a rat's ass!," doesn't it?

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