Monday, January 7, 2008

Thanks, James!

Received my Christmas present from my east coast brother today. It was sent in a box sealed with duct tape. How appropriate given my family history! My dad (not the handiest of men...) was a big fan of duct tape. He once built a dog house in our garage for our aging Irish Setter, Katy, using duct tape, insulation (the pink kind that looks like cotton candy) and a light bulb (for warmth...I kid you not!). He passed on his love of the silvery, super-sticky stuff to James who once did some unneeded car repairs on my Mom's Cadillac using duct tape and golf tees. Boy was my Mom pissed when the mechanic at the dealership told her!

Anyway, I got a pewter Christmas ornament (awesome!), a Kahlua t-shirt, a Karndean International t-shirt (his employer), a Trafford Sports Club sweatshirt (sense a theme here?), a pair of Pink Panther boxer shorts (don't ask, haven't a clue...) and a Home Depot gift card.

Which will come in handy when I need to stock up on duct tape...

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