Monday, January 28, 2008

The thing about Facebook...

I like to say Facebook is MySpace on crack. MySpace... Yeah, that's so last year people! You need to be on Facebook playing movie trivia and Superpokin' friends.

The great thing about Facebook is it lets your friend keep track of what you're up to--via posted pictures, links, reviews, etc. You can even track what trivia challenges your friends have taken, friends they've added and even wall posts they've left for others. And that's the problem with Facebook as well.

For example, I had a birthday a couple of weeks ago and Facebook alerted my "friends" to that fact. Some of my Facebook friends sent me birthday greetings. But some did not. No big deal-- except one of the people who couldn't be bothered to acknowledge my birthday even by throwing cake at me (it's a SuperPoke thing...), is someone I've known for EIGHT years. In real life--not just virtually. Adding insult to injury is the fact that Facebook allows me to see she just wished four of her Facebook friends a "Happy Birthday!"

Sometimes ignorance is bliss...

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