Friday, January 4, 2008

I'm a Mechanical Genius!

Before I traveled up to San Francisco, I had the oil changed in my old clunker car. The mechanic said I also needed new brakes and a new air filter. So for the bargain price of $189 (ouch!), I was good to go.

But the last couple of days I had been noticing this odd clicking noise as I drove. It was quite rhythmic, not erratic at all--and it was driving me nuts! I popped the hood with the engine running--as if staring at the gizmos grinding away under the hood would help to resolve the issue. "Oh yeah the whatchamacallit is disconnected from the thingamajig!" Snort.

Today I was driving with the clicking noise still occurring (I favor my sister's trick when the car makes noises--turn up the radio!) and I noticed that my trip odometer said zero. Now I haven't driven many miles since I last filled up my gas tank and reset it, but I've driven more than ZERO! So I pushed the reset button again and the odometer stopped being stuck and started counting mileage. And the clicking noise stopped.

Anyway the whole experience reminded me of a comedy bit by Henry Cho. Enjoy!

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