Friday, January 18, 2008

Ugly Betty - Betty goes Berserk

Last night's episode of Ugly Betty dealt with the trial of Claire Meade for Faye (or is it Fey?) Summers death and Wilhelmina's evil plan to insert herself back into the Meade family. Let's start with Willie, shall we?

Christina flat out refuses her offer of $100k to be a surrogate telling Willie and Marc, "My womb is officially closed to devil spawn!" This is because Christina has another plan to raise the money for her husband Stuart's experimental treatment--sell a Jackie O. vintage couture piece. But when the sneaky Marc overhears her plan, he and Willie steal the piece forcing Christina to capitulate. The episode ends with the implantation of Wilhelmina's egg fertilized by the deceased Bradford Meade sperm into Christina's uterus with loyal Betty at her side. But neither Betty nor Christina realize she's carrying the Meade heir.

I wonder when Willie will spring the news?

Meanwhile, Amanda is royally pissed to find that all of Mode has found out about Faye's secret sex room and is using it as a hangout. She stomps off with a portrait of her late mother--only to discover missing diary pages on the back of the frame. Reading them she realizes that Faye concocted a special perfume (which was poisoned with toxins) for Bradford to unknowingly give to Claire to cause her death. Instead, the perfume made Claire irrational, causing her to cut Faye's brake lines, which caused the fatal accident killing Faye instead. I'd say that was justice, eh? Unfortunately Amanda doesn't see it that way and orders Marc to burn the pages which would exonerate Claire.

Although the missing pages hold the key to Claire's freedom, another piece of evidence could sway the jury to Claire's insanity plea as well--the perfume. Claire--not realizing it was the reason for her actions and the key to her defense--gives it to Betty. Betty agrees to take Claire's beloved perfume, but only for safekeeping until Claire is freed. Tempted by the pretty bottle, Betty squirts some on and immediately feels the effects of the toxins which cause her to be hyper and uninhibited. Most people are confused by her behavior--like Christina who says, "Look who's gone from flirty to dirty?" after witnessing Betty's over-the-top goodbye kiss to Henry. But Justin says he likes it--"She's sassy."

While Betty is fascinated with colors and flavors--and sometimes mixing the two telling Gio his sandwich tastes purple, Claire's sympathetic judge recuses herself from the case after Daniel's innocent attempt to make change for her coffee is twisted to seem like a bribe (really, who bribes a judge with $20?) and is replaced with Judge Biotch who is--well drop the "O" and you've got it. Not too subtle, but then what about this technicolor show is? Gio innocently (or maybe not so) plants the idea in Betty's mind that Henry going home for the sonogram of the ex-girlfriend who's pregnant with his child might lead to another kind of reunion which sets Betty off in a big way.

After going on a rampage that culminates with throwing a trash can through Gio's Deli shop window, Betty ends up unconscious on the floor and wakes up handcuffed. Gio declines to press charges and takes Betty to a doctor. Hilda, Ignacio and Justin show up as well with Justin announcing that "Grandpa pulled me out of gym!" and mouthing "Thank you!" to Betty. The doctor runs tests and discovers that Betty is either taking drugs or being drugged as there is toad venom, among other chemicals, in her system. Betty makes the connection with the perfume--but so has Amanda. So when Betty races back to the office to get the perfume, she finds it missing. She tracks down Amanda and convinces her to return the perfume to free Claire. Amanda, still upset at her mother's death and blaming Claire, reluctantly agrees.

In court, Betty testifies for the defense (Claire Meade's attorney played by the terminally cute Barry Bostwick) but is dragged through the mud by the prosecuting attorney (Paul McCrane who followed his child acting career up by specializing in arrogant assholes...). Turns out Amanda switched the perfume and replaced it with water. She orders Marc to destroy it as well, but he refuses telling her that she's making him do her dirty work because deep down she's knows that Faye was responsible for her own death. Amanda realizes this is true and shows up at the courthouse with the poisonous perfume and the missing diary pages. Claire is found not guilty and celebrates with her children, Mode and especially Betty.

But there's still the issue of Gio, who has a crush on Betty who knows it thanks to Amanda. Although I think Henry is a cutie, I much prefer the rough around the edges hottie Gio. Looks like next week's episode is a showdown between the two. As well as the last original episode until the writers strike is settled.

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