Friday, January 25, 2008

Poems to Go

Sometimes on my way to my one job, I see a grizzled black guy on the corner of Bundy and San Vicente in Brentwood. He holds up a crudely lettered sign on a piece of cardboard which reads "Poems to Go." This makes me smile every time I see him, so today I waved him over. He gave me a poem, typewritten on a single sheet of paper. I gave him five bucks which he seemed surprised and gratified to receive.

The poem is called "Go For Gold" and uses an extended metaphor of the Olympics to promote the idea of exercising our souls as it were. A simple A B C B rhyme scheme and Hallmark style platitudes. Let's just say Maya Angelou has nothing to worry about. But still I admire Wendall Brown aka the Poems to Go guy. This world can use all the poetry it can get.

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