Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas in San Francisco - part III

On Christmas Eve, David and I were still stiff and sore from our 4.5 hour walkabout the previous day. He suggested checking out Haight Street saying it was only 1.5 miles from his place. Well, I can do 1.5 miles in my sleep--I walk that far to my gym (and then another 1.5 miles back again) almost every day. But while it might be 1.5 miles as the crow flies to Haight Street, walking there on foot was another matter entirely.

First off, we took a semi-detour through gorgeous Golden Gate Park on the way there. Since it was a Monday AND Christmas Eve, none of the museums were open, but the park itself is amazing. And HUGE! David says it's even bigger than Central Park. There are rose gardens, a Conservatory of Flowers and even a Japanese Tea Garden complete with pagoda.

Haight Street was a collection of smoke shops, tattoo parlors, hip clothing stores and hippie jewelry. It reminded me of the Venice boardwalk and Melrose Avenue. Heading back afterwards, we did some more walking (walking and walking...) through the park. Again, I needed a respite on a park bench. After 6 hours of driving, stretching out the legs is a good thing--but I've done enough walking for a while, thank you very much! Add 2.5 hours to yesterday's total of 4.5 hours plus we took the puppies out for a long walk in the morning--and more walking to restaurants to eat later. I think we spent 10 hours or so walking 3 zillion miles. More or less...

To be continued....

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