Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's not a bomb--although it has been used to create them...

I posted a while back about Obsolescence--musing about technological relics such as VHS cassettes and vinyl records. Now I read this entry in Emil Steiner's OFF/beat:

Remember when typewriters were as common as computers? Me neither, but apparently the once-popular writing implement has become so obscure that police in Florida confused one with a bomb. According to reports, the Sarasota Police Department shut down several blocks and called in the explosive-materials unit on Monday after a suspicious looking "old-style typewriter" was discovered in a parking garage. Using remote detonation devices, the team blew up the curious mechanical device and after a couple hours of investigation declared the area once again safe.
That's pretty funny. I'm pretty sure (excepting for bombs like Showgirls and Glitter) that a typewriter never caused any harm. Unless it was THROWN at someone...

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