Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Heroes Shocking Season Finale

The sparks were flying fast and furious on Heroes last night--and not just the lightning from Elle's hands. First, the subplots: Claire is still determined to go public and will not be dissuaded by West or her mother. But then Noah reappears alive and well to try and change her mind. He says he made a deal to go back to The Company in return for them leaving his family alone. He leaves the house and meets up with the waiting Bob telling him, "It's done." Micah and Nikki go to rescue Monica who has been tied up in a warehouse which has been set on fire. Nikki gets Monica free, but with the virus her super strength fails her and she is trapped inside when the building blows up. (Why couldn't Monica use any of her muscle memory powers to take down the thug or break out of the bonds? She didn't even try to save Nikki...What was up with that?) The promo said two of the heroes would fall--and I guess Nikki was one of them.

Now, the big storylines--the return of Sylar and the quest to destroy strain 138 of the Shanti virus: Mohinder is derailed from curing Nikki to deal with Sylar and the clueless Maya. But Maya gets a clue pretty quickly when Sylar pulls a gun on Mohinder. She unleashes her plague, but pulls back for the sake of Mohinder and Molly. Via Maya, Mohinder realizes that Sylar no longer has his powers--although he still holds the gun. So Mohinder is forced to help Sylar regain his powers. They go to the lab and Mohinder takes a sample of Sylar's blood and sure enough, he has the same strain of the Shanti virus as Nikki. Which means someone from The Company injected him with it.

While Mohinder works with Sylar, Maya learns that Alejandro is dead when Molly attempts to use her power to locate him and tells Maya that "He's not anywhere." Maya rushes in screaming at Sylar, who shoots her. He tells Mohinder to test Claire's blood on Maya first to make sure it won't harm him. Mohinder injects Maya, who starts to revive. But just at that moment Elle (who witnessed Sylar presence in the lab via Bob's spycam) arrives to save the day and impress Daddy, who earlier expressed disappointment in her. She and Sylar get into a shooting and shocking match--which ends in a draw as Sylar escapes taking Claire's blood. The next chapter is titled "Villains" and as it begins, Sylar injects himself with Claire's blood and regains his powers.

Meanwhile, Adam and Peter continue on their path to obtain strain 138. Peter wants to destroy it and doesn't realize that Adam plans to unleash it. Even when Hiro shows up and stops time to tell him that Adam is evil, Peter is undeterred. "He killed my father!" says Hiro. "He saved my brother," counters Peter. Peter shocks Hiro, leaving him unconscious and Adam retrieves his samurai sword. Matt and Nathan fly in to Primatech to stop Adam as well. Outside the safe, Matt tries to uses his mind control on Peter, but that doesn't work either. Finally, Nathan is able to convince Peter that Adam's intentions are not what he thinks they are. Meanwhile, Hiro has teleported inside the safe, confronting Adam. Adam likens the release of the virus to the Biblical Flood that wiped out mankind. Hiro tells Adam he is not God and teleports him away from the virus. The vial falls to the floor, but Peter stops it in the nick of time. He uses his radiation powers to destroy it once and for all. And Hiro leaves Adam inside a coffin, buried alive.

Nathan, like his biological daughter Claire, decides the only way to stop The Company is to go public. But while Claire was stopped by Noah, Nathan moves forward with the plan and gets Matt to arrange a televised press conference. As he starts to reveal that he can fly, he is felled by an assassin's bullets. So that would be the second hero to fall. Who was the killer? Bob? Noah? A new villain from The Company? Sylar's back in business and Adam's still alive. So the next chapter of Heroes has at least three villains on the loose...

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