Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas in San Francisco

Blogging will be a bit tricky for the next couple of days. I'm at my brother's place in San Francisco. He has a laptop but the screen doesn't work so he has it running through a projector that project the laptop screen image on his wall. It's quite bizarre.

The trip up was somewhat grueling. Got on the road at 10:40 am, hit a bit of traffic just as I got onto the 5 North, but then it was fairly smooth sailing. The first hour went pretty quickly; the next two were painful--but then I settled into the zone. Stopped briefly after 300 miles to fill my gas tank and empty my bladder, but then was back on the road again and got here before 5 pm.

The 5 North is a fairly ugly drive. My friend Elizabeth from work warned me about a stretch of cow pasture and the accompanying stench. There were several stinky patches along the 5--but once I hit Fresno the cow pastures appeared and assaulted my olfactory senses--even when I had driven well past them.

Just got back from eating sushi and drinking a couple of glasses of plum wine and now it's time to relax.

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