Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day was a leisurely affair. I convinced David to open gifts before we went to his friend Joshua's for dinner. Good thing, too--we didn't get home from Josh's until midnight! (Say it, David--"Stella's always right!") Both David and I have themed gift exchanges--I gave him things to keep him warm on his upcoming snowboarding trip (thermal underwear, socks, Spyder gloves, polar fleece hat and some other odds and ends) and David's gifts to me had an Asian foodie theme (sushi dinner set, bamboo place mats, cool tea pot, gourmet tea and coffee and tea cups).

My sister Laurie sent homemade cookies (I did the cookie baking thing, too--only I cheated with the prepackaged Nestle Toll House dough. Honest to God, they taste like you mixed them up from scratch!) and so David and I munched on cookies and slurped down fruit salad for breakfast--just like we did growing up. I eat cookies rarely, but Laurie had made my favorites so I ended up eating more cookies for breakfast than I have in the last two years. Oh well, it's Christmas! She also sent presents--I got the Fekkai Glossing Cream I had been wanting as well as the red booties from Gap and a PJ set from Gap as well. I knew posting my Christmas list on my blog would pay off! Heh, heh, heh!

We hung out and watched TVLand which was running the Christmas episodes from past years of Cheers, Wings, The Brady Bunch. My favorite is a Frasier episode where Frederick is coming to visit and Frasier has to go to the mall to get last minute gifts for him. Martin saves the day by giving Frasier an Outlaw Laser Robogeek Frederick asked Santa for. Sniffle. It always gets to me. (We also watched some episodes of The Hills. David had never seen the show before. His comments: "This is so fake" and "Spencer is a douche.") Later we went to Joshua's for food and drink--which there was plenty of! Unfortunately the entree wasn't served until NINE so it was really late by the time we got back. David had to get up for work in the morning and I was back on the road to L.A. so it was off to bed for the both of us! All in all, a very nice Christmas...

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