Monday, May 12, 2008

Desperate Housewives - Mother's Day

Susan gave birth on last night's episode--but before that happened Mike's mother, Adele (Celia Weston) showed up to pay a visit. And like most mother-in-law portrayals, she was a bit of a pain in the ass--even if it was softened with a southern accent. Her picking at Susan's faults (which were confided to her by Mike!) drove Susan to pretend to go into labor. Susan finally gets Mike to grow a backbone and lay down the law with his Mom and then REALLY goes into labor.

Gabby discovers that Elly is a cocaine dealer. She is conflicted about turning Elly in, but Carlos reminds her that he is still on probation and if they are caught harboring a drug dealer it will be bad for him. When they alert the police, they are told that Elly is already being staked out in order to get to her supplier. The police ask Carlos and Gabby to pretend they know nothing about Elly's dealing until they can finish their operation--in exchange they agree to take Carlos off probation.

The Kayla bad seed situation continues. The shrink Tom and Lynette bring in to observe the family suggests that Lynette needs to spend more time with Kayla. "Attachment parenting" to create the mother-daughter bond between the two. When Lynette takes Kayla shopping, Kayla goes into major brat mode and tells Lynette, "Just give me what I want of you're not gonna like what happens." She then implies that she might manipulate baby Penny into something similar to what she did with the twins. Lynette is so horrified by the premeditated evil, she loses it and slaps Kayla. Later, Kayla contacts the shrink to tell him that Lynette hits her and that she's "scared."

Bree confronts Edie about her kissing Orson and hauls off and slaps her as well. When Orson shows up to try and spend some time with Benjamin, an angry Bree prevents his access and tells him that since he's no biological relation to Benjamin, he has no rights. She also vents her anger at Edie by sabotaging a real estate sale. Edie goes to complain to Orson and finds notes regarding the custody battle which say that Benjamin is actually the biological son of Bree's daughter, Danielle and Edie's nephew, Austin. Edie tries to use this info to blackmail Bree into being her "best friend" and baking her muffins--but it backfires when Bree comes clean to Gabby, Lynette and Susan. The four instead gang up on Edie and freeze her out.

But the biggest bombshell was Katherine Mayfair's secret. In an apparent attempt to get ex Wayne Davis out of her life, she tells him she cheated on him while they were married and Dylan isn't his. It seems like she was trying to goad him into going into an abusive rage--but leaves before he can go off. Wayne manages to retrieve a piece of gum Dylan was chewing and gets the DNA tested. The lab tech tells him that the DNA does not match. Despondent he watches old movies of Dylan while consuming copious amounts of alcohol and drunk dials Dylan. When she shows up the next day, he is prepared to tell her about Katherine's infidelity and his paternity (or lack thereof). He takes her hand and then grabs her arms checking for something.

On the old home movies he was watching the day before, it showed a young Dylan who had fallen off her bike and recently gotten stitches. There are no scars on older Dylan's arms. This is why Julie said after reuniting with her childhood friend that it's not the same girl! And why the DNA didn't match. Dylan isn't Dylan. So is the real Dylan in the grave we saw Katherine mourning at? And what about the note that Aunt Lily wrote saying that Katherine had murdered "Dylan's" father? Did Katherine kill the father of the not-Dylan girl?

The plot thickens...

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