Tuesday, May 20, 2008

DWTS - The Finals

In a matter of hours, the sixth season winner of the Dancing with the Stars Mirrorball Trophy will be announced. Let's see how the chances for each contestant are looking:

The evening started out with a Cha-cha face off--each couple dancing the Cha-cha for one minute to the same music. Cristian was up first--he was working the open shirt thing which I'm sure is a crowd pleaser but it comes off a little lounge lizard to me. He and Cheryl front-loaded most of their "tricks" and turned in a capable performance. Jason followed him and although there were plenty of lifts, his performance was a bit restrained. Kristi was up last--but definitely not least as she blasted onto the dance floor as if being shot out of a cannon, with a brief stop to plant a smackeroo on a surprised Bruno. Her Cha-cha was jam packed with energy and exurberance and she won the face off with a perfect score of 30. Cristian came in second with 26 and Jason placed last with 24.

Next was the freestyle round--the chance for the dancers to show off what they've got, no holds barred and lifts allowed. Kristi went first with a hip-hop inspired number that was fast and frenetic and full of energy--but stalled with an excessive amount of acrobatics. The judges loved it, however, and awarded her another perfect score. Barring viewer insanity, my money's on Kristi to win it. Jason did a funky freestyle that included loads of lifts and flips. I found it a bit blah, but it was good enough to earn him a 27. I thought Cristian's Latin-influenced freestyle was actually the best choreographed and best performance of the round. Unfortunately the judges didn't agree and only scored him a 26.

So given the disappointing score and probably the weakest fanbase of the three, I'm predicting Cristian will be knocked out of the competition, Jason and Kristi will dance the last dance and Kristi will be the second woman to win it all.

Girl Power!

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