Tuesday, May 13, 2008

DWTS - Countdown to the Finals

We're coming into the homestretch - two guys, two girls with two dances picked randomly. Jason danced the Foxtrot and the Paso Doble, earning a 28 and 27 respectively for a total of 55. I think the judges dinged him a bit on the Paso--it was a very hot and sexy performance. It was only good enough for third place overall, as Cristian continued to do amazing work despite his injured left arm. His Viennese Waltz got a 27 and his Samba--the very dance where he sustained a ruptured tendon to begin with--got a whopping 29. I thought it was pretty smoking--although it lacked some of the bells and whistles of a semi-final dance in my opinion. His total score was 56 points for the night.

Kristi, of course, was back on top with a sharp, crisp Tango that netted her a near perfect 29. She also danced the Jive--the dance that she previously earned a perfect 30 last time 'round. This time out, she only picked up a 28 for a total of 57 points. Marissa is dead last with a pair of 26s for her Quickstep and her Rumba. So who stays and who goes? The Washington Post recently had an article on spunk outweighing skill, but unless there's some shocking turnabout tonight I think Marissa will be leaving the show. And that's as it should be because, with the exception of Mario's exit last week, Cristian, Kristi and Jason are by far the best three dancers.

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